High level of integrity
The high level of integrity she works by is truly matched by her high level of competence. This type of legal representation saves parties costly litigation.

Johanne, Mediation Attorney (5 star review)

I endorse Kinnear.
…A highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

Michael, Military Law Attorney (5 star review)

Best Family Law Attorney Ever!!!
Kinnear provided confident and compassionate council for me when I was going through a very difficult divorce. She knew when to take action and when to sit back and let my ex run up his attorney bills without running up mine.
When my ex decided that he wanted to challenge custody after our divorce I went back to Kinnear because I knew she would be on my side and help me handle the situation. Once again Kinnear knew when to take action and went to sit back. She knew he did not have a case and he was just upset that I had moved on. In the end he ended up dropping the whole thing.

I am glad that I chose Kinnear. I have recommended her to several people and they all have been extremely satisfied as well. Thanks to her my children and I have a life with a lot more love and happiness.

Allison (5 star review)

Best legal decision you will ever make!!!!
Hands down best attorney I could have ever chosen for my divorce. Not only did Mrs. Smith fight like a dog for me but our friendship is one I will always treasure. She is highly professional and extremely persistant which allowed me to go through a difficult time of my life with confidence and an assured sense of security. I recommend her to anyone I know who will be going through a divorce and can confidently say she will be their greatest advocate. Kinnear came highly recommended to me and I am grateful I acted upon that advice.

Nancy (5 star review)