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Custody and visitation are two of the most contentious issues surrounding divorce, especially when parents are very close to their children. Depending on the nature of the divorce, these issues can be ironed out through mediation or litigation. Kinnear Smith is equipped with the knowledge and communication skills necessary for either approach to custody and visitation agreements. For assistance with these and other issues related to divorce, do not hesitate to get in touch with Kinnear K. Smith PA.

Factors Used To Determine Child Custody

In ideal circumstances, parents seeking divorce will be able to immediately come to an agreement surrounding the ideal custody setup. Many parents are able to do just that, from there working with a mediator to figure out additional details related to visitation. For others, however, custody can be the basis for a long and drawn-out courtroom battle. For those facing the prospect of court-based custody decisions, it is important to have a good idea of the factors used to determine whether they are worthy of achieving child custody.

One of the primary factors used to determine whether custody is appropriate for a particular parent is the bond that parent holds with his or her children. A close bond is not sufficient, however; in order to achieve custody, the parent must also demonstrate that he or she is capable of feeding, clothing and sheltering the children. The physical and mental health of both parents may also be taken into account, as will any history of domestic violence. If the child is old enough to express a reasonable preference, this will also be considered by the court.

Determining Visitation Rights

Determining Visitation Rights

After a decision regarding custody has been made, parents must come to an agreement surrounding the circumstances in which the non-custodial individual is able to visit his or her children. The factors used to determine custody may also be used to decide the amount of visitation time for which the non-custodial parent is eligible. If, after a decision has been made, the custodial parent attempts to prevent the non-custodial parent from spending the allotted visitation time with the children, a legal representative such as Kinnear Smith may called upon to deliver enforcement of the original visitation agreement.

From assisting with the mediation process to representing divorcing parents in court, Kinnear Smith is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their custody and visitation goals. She is a respected Clearwater lawyer and the perfect resource to turn to as you navigate the complications of divorce.