Find an Attorney to Help You Navigate the Divorce Process

Find an Attorney to Help You Navigate the Divorce Process

Consult a divorce attorney in Clearwater, FL

Making the decision to file for divorce is never easy and often, emotions take over when it’s necessary to start discussing some of the more contentious issues that surround a divorce proceeding. Too frequently, spouses lose sight of what’s important to them and instead, a divorce proceeding becomes a battleground for all types of wrongs, real and imagined.

This is why it is so important to work with a divorce attorney who understands the divorce process. In Clearwater, FL, that attorney is Kinnear K. Smith. Our knowledgeable divorce lawyer can help you through some of the more difficult decisions that will have to be made, including:

  • Child custody and support – If you and your spouse had children, custody arrangements will need to be discussed during the divorce proceeding. Since 2008, Florida courts mandate that parents filing for divorce establish a parenting plan that clearly outlines the rights and responsibilities of each parent after the divorce is complete. This plan will also include guidelines regarding your child’s ongoing care.
  • Property division – It can be complicated when property division issues arise. Whether you’ve both invested in your home or one party owns their own business, we can help ensure that all assets of the marriage are treated in a manner that is beneficial to you and your children. We understand that property division must be handled equitably. Count on our divorce attorney to act as a strong advocate on your behalf.
  • Division of debt – In many cases, divorces are complicated by issues of who’s responsible for the debts incurred during the marriage. However, it’s important the debt be paid for in a responsible way and that neither partner’s credit rating suffers because the other one failed to meet their obligations.
Make sure you’re making the right decisions for you and your family. Schedule a consultation at Kinnear K. Smith PA in Clearwater, FL right away.

Our divorce lawyer is on your side

Sometimes, couples can agree to the terms of their divorce. Most times, a settlement can be reached out of court. In these cases, it’s important to have an experienced divorce lawyer to review all of the terms of your agreement to ensure that it’s fully enforceable under Florida laws.

Whether you are filing a contested or an uncontested divorce, you need a Florida family and marital law attorney to work with you throughout the process. We will work closely with you to ensure that your rights and the rights of your children are addressed in any divorce proceedings.

Count on us to have the experience you can rely on when you are going through a divorce in Clearwater, FL and the surrounding areas. Start the divorce process by contacting our office at 727-724-4116 right away.