Avoid Litigation When You Seek a Collaborative Divorce

Avoid Litigation When You Seek a Collaborative Divorce

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The courtroom divorce process is, at best, stressful and, at worst, a complete nightmare for everyone involved. Fortunately, spouses in the midst of divorce have the option to pursue an excellent alternative to litigation: collaborative divorce law. This approach allows spouses to work together to come up with viable solutions to issues such as child custody, visitation, spousal support and property division in an amicable way.

If you’re thinking of pursuing a collaborative divorce, you are the perfect candidate to work with a respected Clearwater, FL attorney Kinnear K. Smith PA. Our family lawyer possesses a long history of success in collaborative law and has the knowledge necessary to help clients settle their differences peacefully.

What is collaborative law and how does it work?

In a collaborative divorce, both spouses agree to work together to solve common divorce problems outside of the courtroom. In addition to working with personal attorneys, these individuals also meet with parenting consultants, real estate appraisers and a variety of other professionals. The spouses, their attorneys and consultants all collaborate in hopes of forging agreements that benefit all parties involved.

Explore the benefits of collaborative divorce

The main benefit of collaborative divorce is that it allows couples to avoid the stressful courtroom divorce process. Collaborative law offers an expedited approach to divorce, leaving divorcing spouses free to go their separate ways after a surprisingly short period of time. This faster approach to divorce is, in most cases, far more affordable than litigation. Additionally, by working together, both spouses are more likely to get what they want, as long as they are willing to make a few minor concessions.

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The ideal divorce attorney possesses an understanding of collaborative law, with an emphasis on regional regulations in Florida. This legal advocate should be able to promote a peaceful environment while still ensuring that the represented client’s wishes are carried out to the fullest extent possible.

Kinnear Smith boasts all of these qualities, as well as a knack for open and honest communication with her clients. She understands that, even in the best of circumstances, the divorce process is full of emotional pain. Her overarching goal is to keep this pain to a minimum by ensuring that her clients’ divorces are completed in a peaceful and expedited manner.

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